Liposuction Singapore from Allure Plastic Surgery

#Liposuction is a procedure that surgically removes stubborn fat deposits in localized areas through small puncture holes, resulting in a better contour and a slimmer appearance. #Singapore


Skin Cancer Surgery and Lump Removal from Allure Plastic Surgery

Various lumps such as moles, sebaceous cysts, lipomas, viral warts commonly result. These are benign conditions, which may warrant closer attention and removal due to a number of reasons

Allure Plastic Surgery – Breast Augmentation using Implants or Lipo-filling

Breast Augmentation and Breast enhacement using Implants or Lipo-filling – a signature service at ALLURE Plastic Surgery Singapore. Done by plastic surgeon Dr Samuel Ho. Fore more information on the procedure, head on to AllurePlasticSurgery.SG

Allure Plastic Surgery Singapore – Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting

#WeightLoss #Beauty #Singapore A fat transfer is a natural-looking and lasting way of replacing loss volume. It can be done on different areas such as the face, around the eyes, the forehead, to soften nasolabial lines, the chin and also to the breast. Unlike fillers, fat grafts have no risk of rejection.

Abdominal Laxity Correction Singapore from Allure Plastic Surgery

Abdominal laxity or bulge results from the splaying of abdominal muscles. This is often a result of aging or post-pregnancy, resulting in the weakening of both the abdominal rectus muscles as well as the fascia that overlies and separates them in the midline.